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Creating and viewing queues

Setting up a Queue in Blue Prism

If you have never worked with queues before I suggest you first read the article “Introduction to Blue Prism Queues”.

1. Create the queue

Before you can use a queue in a process you need to create it in the System Manager.

  1. In the left pane of the System Manager select Work Queues.

    Work Queues

  2. At the bottom of the middle pane click on New

  3. In the right pane you will need to fill out the following information

    Work Queues

  • Name – this is a name of your choice but will normally reference the process that will use this queue.
  • Key Name – this will be the name of one of the fields in the collection that is going to be put onto the queue. Typically, this field would have a unique value for each row.
  • Max Attempts – when an item on the queue is not processed successfully you may want to try it again. Set this option to the maximum number of times you want to retry an item.
  • Encrypted – when the data is added to the queue it gets stored in the Blue Prism database. To make sure that all confidential data is secure you should switch on this option. Note, an encryption scheme must be created first before you can use this option.

    I will not discuss Active Queues in this article.

    Once all the information is set up, click on Apply at the bottom right.
2. Viewing the queue

Once a queue has been created you will access it by going to the Control Room.

  1. In the left pane of the Control Room you will see Queue Management. All the queues you have will be listed there. Select the appropriate one.

    Work Queues

  2. In the top half of the right pane you will see all the queues with various information about each queue. The bottom half will show the queue content of the selected queue. For now, there will be nothing showing in the bottom half.